09 June 2015

Job Application

Apparently it's no longer mandatory to state your age in job applications. Still, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes (in any of his current high-rating incarnations) to work out my general vintage, given my CV. I suspect employers worship at the altar of youth, though it's the middle aged who have experience and the type of reliability that predates sickies taken via text messaging.
I have skills enough to cover two people - degrees in graphic design and writing. But my confidence is not exactly soaring. It's been several years since I worked in an office or studio. Though I have not been idle. I have been freelancing: interviewing and writing editorials for various clients, and winning awards, like the Lord Mayor's Creative Writing Award, in the eBook category, for "What She Said - a month in a decade in a lifetime". The book is based on the halcyon days of this blog, when I wrote daily and was getting 10,000 hits a month.
I have also had a hold-in-your-hand, paperback, book published, which was shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Literary Awards in 2013 (multicultural category).
These days I am conducting research for a novel, a long-term project. But I'm getting tired of my own company and my own, individual concerns. I need to get out into the world, to meet people and be involved in projects outside of my personal experience.
I would love to talk to you about working for your agency. I believe I have a lot to offer. I am full of ideas and enthusiasm - especially for a not-quite-young person :-)

Content is King, they say. Some links for your perusal:


  1. We certainly don't live in a meritocracy. Have you thought about moving into dictatorship?

    1. Sadly, I don't have the ego and sociopathic tendencies to succeed as a dictator :-)

      BTW I never heard anything back from this job application :-(