13 February 2015

In Honour of Valentines Day

Sometimes the whole is greater than its separate parts. As I am such a huge music fan, let me illustrate this with Morrissey and Marr. Together in The Smiths they produced a combination of music and lyrics that touches the soul, engages the mind and is great to dance to. Separately? Sorry, but just OK. There are endless examples: Dean and Jerry, Lennon and McCartney (even if they wrote separately within the Beatles, the Beatles stuff is better than the solo stuff – I think) and any good marriage or partnership.

I think the right partner makes you a better person and helps you reach your full potential. Without Craig, becoming the writer I want to be would be ten times harder. He is supportive and encouraging in every way. In turn, I think I’ve added some fun and adventure to his life. For someone inherently risk-averse, I've contributed a sense of unpredictability - though it drives him crazy, at times. Together too, we become three, when our gorgeous daughter was born. Sum. Parts. Greater.

Oh, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – no one makes me laugh as much as my husband. Craig – I think you’re ace!

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