19 August 2014

New Website!

Can you believe that the book launch for my first book All Windows Open & Other Stories was two years ago today? I am very happy to specify "first" book, knowing that another is on its way—it makes me feel like a real writer!
Having said that, it's still a l..o..n..g way from completion, let alone publication.
So I suppose this is as good a day as any to launch my new website!!! A place for people who liked my book to find out more about me. "WHAT?" yell my regular blog readers, "We know quite enough about you, as it is: embarrassing encounters with boys at bus stops, pop star stalking stories, and the like - isn't that enough! Have mercy!!" But you see dear regular blog readers -- they don't know all that yet!
So if it isn't too much to ask, pop on by, share the link with your friends and recommend my book to any reader-ish types you may know. And what a surprise—it can be ordered directly from my web site. Oooh, I like the sound of that, "my web site" just like JK Rowling, but without the bells and whistles and about 10 million less fans.

Link, link, here's the link: http://harikliah.wix.com/hariklia