04 July 2014

Iggy Pop at the Crystal Ballroom

2 July 1983
23 years old
Decided to go to Iggy Pop (at the Crystal Ballroom). Felt I should, but didn’t quite feel like it. Glad I did though. He was fabulous. C, D and I picked up Rebecca and we all went along. The crowd was super fake and dressed up. It was packed. Saw people I knew – strange not seeing them more often. Davin, Kira, Tony, Julian, Mark, Lorelle, Brice, John.
Iggy Pop was fantastic but it was SO hot and crowded and PUSHY. I could only stay at the front for four songs. I felt that if I stayed longer, I’d never leave there alive. But those four songs were totally great, so well delivered, and the atmosphere matched them perfectly.
Pushed my way out. I was shaking. C and I found each other, she escaped after two songs. We went downstairs for a drink and then watched (or listened) to the rest of the set from the back.

Thank you to Mary at Rocklust Photography for the amazing pic of Iggy. You can order your own copy of this or other fab rock pics through her website. Or follow this link to her blog.

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  1. Too large a crowd can get to you and ruin your night a little!