02 June 2014

Central Australia Odyssey

A year ago we were on our Central Australia Odyssey. When we got back I did a post on the drive up, on Uluru and Kata Tjuta, but never got further. Today (some time later!) I continue with diary extracts from Kings Canyon.

Me, and Ali in the distance (up ahead)
Headed off to do the Kings Canyon Rim Walk after breakfast. 6km in 4 hours. Rated moderate to hard; but for me, the hardest physical thing I've ever done. Began with a set of steep steps up up up. Started off taking lots of pics but as the hours passed and the day grew warmer, I lost the will to photograph. It was all very rugged and beautiful. So glad I did it.
Afterwards, drinks at The Thirsty Dingo!

A sign at our camping ground

A reminder for overseas visitors

Beautiful, cool pools of water in the gullies

Mind the gap!

Isn't this tree just so beautiful!

The Canyon


  1. Those beautiful trees could have been painted by Albert Namatjira and reminds me of the words from my favourite Australian song, "I Am Australian" http://moourl.com/5jlxz