08 May 2014

My Mum

Reposting this for Mothers Day 

I don’t think a child can fully appreciate their parents until they become a parent themselves. Well I certainly never did, and seeing as I didn’t becoming a mother until I was almost 41, it left my own mother somewhat in the cold for quite a long time.

Five Things About my Mother, Sophia
• I never appreciated how difficult her life was as I was growing up. She left all her family and migrated to the other side of the world. Over the last 50-odd years she has only seen her mother (now deceased), sisters and brothers a handful of times.
• She wanted to become a doctor but was thrown out of university due to the political convictions of her family. This was due to the aftermath of the Greek Civil War.
• She has been a feminist role model for my sister and I, although she would never call herself that. She brought us up to believe we could do and be anything we wanted to be.
• She is and always has been a lioness, she defends our family with supernatural fierceness.
• She used to frighten me, but has mellowed over the years. These days she is a very sweet mum and yiayia (grandmother).

One more thing: Happy Mothers Day Mum – I love you! x