27 May 2014

Melbourne Northside Southside Divide

Contented cow

Huge hedge, house in Abbotsford
Melbourne is divided, as many cities are, by a river. Northside, where I grew up, has traditionally been more working class; Southside, a bit more well-to-do. Our family moved south of the river when I was almost 14, so I feel connected to both sides. Now I live almost on the border - a 10 minute walk to the Yarra River.
On Sunday we went exploring. The area near the river is part bushland, part industry. There is the brewery, with the tower that I keep posting pictures of on Facebook, as well as other factories. But there is also a farm, the Collingwood Children's Farm with cows and pigs and bees. Apart from the not-so-distant view of city buildings, you could be miles from anywhere.
We have bush and city on our doorstep, the best of the North and the South! All these pictures, taken on Sunday, are within a couple of kilometres from our home.
Victoria Park station, rail bridge

Piggy has a couple of little friends

Wonderful old painted signage

Coffee!! in the sun, from Jr Morse

Spire and sun, Abbotsford Convent

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