02 March 2014

Hello Everyone!

It's now almost two months since we moved house, and we are enjoying exploring our new surroundings. So far we are very happy with the change. We are much closer to the grungy yet cool and foodie part of Melbourne: the inner north, yet we are still in the leafy suburbs with room to breathe. Where we once drove for half an hour to get coffee (an obsession of my husband's), we now drive for less than 5 minutes.
Last night we had a quick and early dinner at Jimmy Grants, just off Smith Street in Collingwood. I actually lived around here when I was two, and the neighbourhood then (admittedly a long time ago) was anything but trendy - it was full of poor, working class immigrants (Jimmy Grants is rhyming slang. Get it?). I had the Patris Souvlaki: prawns with attiki honey, mayo, cucumber, mint and coriander - beyond delicious; and shared a bowl of crispy chips sprinkled with feta cheese and oregano - mmm!
Today we went for a walk along the Yarra River, near the Studley Park Boat House, and felt like we were in the bush, miles from civilisation. Then we hopped in the car and went for coffee at a place we've driven past and thought looked cool: Jr. Morse. We sat on milk crates cushioned with fake grass - what a great idea!  The coffee here is superb.
Around the corner is Victoria Park the old home of the Collingwood Football Club. My husband Craig has childhood memories of coming here with his brother and dad. I love how they've restored the old entrance way and left it as is, but the perimeter fence that once held out  potential non paying spectators, has been removed. It's a vibrant public space now.
Loving our new lifestyle, though it's sad to be further away from my parents, my sister and some good friends. Still, we're not that far away!


  1. I'm so happy for you all.....and I am DYING to come visit even more than before!! Congrats on the new homestead!!

    1. Thanks Mel! Would be great to see you!