29 January 2014

The greatest day of my life

Today my daughter starts high school. The clichés are all true: it does go quickly. She looks very grown up in her uniform, including stylish blazer and hat. She is nervous and wishes she wasn't so short, or "cute". She wants no patronising, no misty eyed looks or attention from us, or anyone else. She is her own person.

Driving home after her first day of primary school, seven years ago, I remember her saying, "This has been the greatest day of my life." I hope today is equally wonderful for her. She is funny and bright and so much fun to be with; and without a doubt, the very best thing in my life.

Here's to the next, exciting (and no doubt challenging) six years of high school.


  1. She'll be fine especially if she's anything like her mother!

    1. Thanks Fran - she was fine, and even made some friends.