11 December 2013

A Time of Giving

Is it stress or hormones? I am feeling angry with the world right now, after a casual remark by my daughter on the way to school this morning. "Some girls are getting their nails done for the graduation."
She is not finishing university or even high school; she is twelve and finishing grade 6. A new dress I can understand but God help me I cannot fathom the reason women (let alone girls) sit in front of other women to have their nails painted. Is it a difficult thing to do for one's self? Does it save time? Have we completely run out of things to spend money on? What the hell is this obsession women have with their nails! "I may be fat and ugly but at least my cuticles are trim"?
OK it provides work for immigrant women but is there any other value? Wouldn't that money be better spent donated to a homeless shelter - particularly at this time of the year? To provide food for children who sleep in cars with their battered mothers?
I am on the verge of moving into a very nice home in a well-to-do suburb; so hey, I am in some way part of the problem and not the solution, but I see every fault in our consumer driven society in that remark by my daughter.
I do not make a big show of how much money my family donates to charity because I have always felt it could be a type of "showing off". And what do I know, perhaps where I buy a book for myself and donate an equal amount to Amnesty International, another person forgoes books, gets her nails painted and donates to Greenpeace.
I don't want to make others feel bad about their choices; but I am so angry right now, because I suspect that most people do not give enough thought to those who have a lot less than they do.
So here for the record is a list of charities that I support. I urge you to skip a manicure or a coffee and cake or a book (even mine!) and donate to a worthy cause this Christmas.


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    1. Thanks Fran, nice to be in touch again!

  2. So many people are are completely wrapped up in their own personally created drama, its sad.

    At work we adopted a family for Christmas. Every little bit means something!

    1. We do it every year. I'm not sure who gets more enjoyment from it....us or the families!