12 August 2013

The last time I saw the Cure

My Backstage Pass
Lazily reblogging again. My poor little blog is like an untendered garden, the weeds are growing vigorously. I dedicate this post to everyone who missed it the first time!

12 August 2007
47 years old
Robert (of course)

Me and Simon

The band on stage


  1. I don't remember seeing this so I must have missed it...or my memory is crap. I mean it could really go either way!

    Anyhow...you KNOW how I love pictures!!! How fun! Thanks for reposting...and don't fret about doing it...I mean, look at me. I have been the suckiest blogger for so long I have to give stuff away to get people to come over!! (I kid...but I understand how you feel!)

    1. I'm the same, in that my memory can be hit and miss!