06 July 2013

Place-Specific Music & Books

LOVE the tree ferns!
A year ago we were driving past fields of sugar cane and banana trees in far north Queensland, playing music in the car and searching on the iPod for songs that were appropriate. We played Wide Open Road by The Triffids, Flame Trees by Cold Chisel and Electrical Storm by Ed Kuepper – brilliant Australian music. 
We did the same thing on our recent trip to the Northern Territory. It seems right to play Australian music when travelling through an Australian landscape. 
I remember reading place-specific books whilst visiting foreign lands too. Of Mice and Men in Monterey, Pride and Prejudice in England and Madame Bovary in France. Any one else do that?
And we did see a croc!
Sugar Cane

Cable car, Cairns

Swim at your own risk!

Palm Cove

On the way to Port Douglas

Moon over Palm Cove


  1. Moon over Palm Cove is brilliant

  2. Site specific music definitely enhances. As for literature I'm reading Updikes's Rabbit novels while living in Pennsylvania.

    1. I've read the first one - yikes! heavy going, but brilliant. I must remember to read number 2 if /when I get to Pennsylvania.