21 July 2013

My Paternal Grandparents, Konstantinos and Hariklia

I so envy people who are able to trace their family back for multiple generations. My family history includes persecution, displacement and forced migration, which makes genealogical research extremely difficult. Less than 100 years ago both sets of grandparents fled their homeland, the Black Sea region of what is now Turkey (but was from ancient times part of the Hellenic Empire), and went to mainland Greece. In the very next generation, my parents left Greece and came to Australia, where my siblings and I were all born. Three generations, each born on a different continent.
Last week I decided to get some professional help, but we are a particularly tricky case, and even Gregory at Greek Family Trees struggled to find anything. But he did come up with something: a newspaper clipping, forwarded to me last night, coincidentally sharing today's date 21 July (1928). The information that proved helpful in tracking this, was the fact that my grandfather was engaged in politics. In the "Macedonia" newspaper, a reference to a Heristanidis, a supporter of the conservative party of Eleftherios Venizelos*.
Thank you so much Gregory Kontos, for finding and forwarding this to me. If you're interested in finding out about your Greek roots, check out http://gkfamilytrees.wordpress.com/
After the yesterday’s second meeting of the 20-membered committee that is responsible of the welcoming of the President [Eleftherios Venizelos], under Mr. Giannoulidis, Kyprianidis, Metallidis, Velissaridis, Tsapikidis, Aidonidis, Firtinidis, Ligomenidis, Tsitsopoulos P. and P. Aslanidis, Paschalidis, Heristanidis and others, the committee proceeded to the compilation of committees  that are going to guarantee the best success of the welcoming”.

* Eleftherios Venizelos (1864 – 1936) was an eminent Greek revolutionary, a prominent and illustrious statesman as well as a charismatic leader in the early 20th century. Elected several times as Prime Minister of Greece, serving from 1910 to 1920 and from 1928 to 1932, Venizelos had such profound influence on the internal and external affairs of Greece that he is credited with being "the maker of modern Greece".


  1. So did you hire a private investigator in Greece?

    1. Not a private investigator, more a family tree investigator. Check out his blog for more info if you're interested. Here is the link to copy and paste into your browser: http://gkfamilytrees.wordpress.com/