30 June 2013

Worse Rather Than Better

30 June 2013
I am getting worse rather than better. Checked to see when I wrote my last post about tax returns and it was two years ago, but four weeks before now — and I still don't have my receipts etc organised for our accountant. And like last time, I'm not talking about the tax year just ended 2012-2013, but 2011-2012. Oh dear. My husband is losing patience with me.
Unlike in the post below from 2011, it is not rainy today, but sunny. A perfect Autumn day. Far too nice to sit indoors organising small pieces of paper. They will have to wait just a little bit longer!!

3 June 2011
51 years old
My husband has left a sticky note on my computer: Do Your Tax. Not this year’s return, due in a month, but the 2009-2010 return. Before marrying me his tax return was never late, but since having to file our returns together, we are always at least a year behind. ‘There are fines for late returns,’ he tells me, ‘jail sentences!’
I drive him crazy, not with lust, but with my constant procrastination. I have always been this way, something in my genome I suppose. At school and later university, assignments were always submitted at the last minute. When travelling, I always pack on the day I am to leave. Even when I left for London, knowing I would be gone for a year, at least, I packed on the morning I left Australia.
Today it is cloudy outside and it is just beginning to rain; and I will stay home and organise my tax return. Sometimes you do these things, against your very nature, for the ones that you love. 

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