19 June 2013

Road Trip Days 1 to 3. Melbourne, Horsham, Adelaide, Port Augusta, Coober Pedy

Ali in the centre, in case you hadn't guessed
DAY 1 Melbourne to Horsham
Our shortest driving day.
So nice to see Ali and her cousins hanging out together.
A delicious home cooked vegetarian meal made by my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. A warm welcome, and a clean and comfortable bed.

DAY 2 Horsham to Adelaide to Port Augusta
Some Highlights
• Getting my laptop back after leaving it in a cafe in Adelaide!
• Olive groves on the outskirts of Adelaide. Craig kept saying how much it reminded him of Greece and the countryside outside of Thessaloniki.
Our multi-fake woodgrain cabin
• Playing Classic Aussie songs in the car, like "Wide Open Road" by The Triffids, and "Plane Trees" by Cold Chisel. Also some forgotten (just OK) songs, in particular Stars' "The Mighty Rock, The Mighty Roll". Though later that night in our cabin in Port Augusta, I had it going round and round in my head to the point of irritation. Not their best song but it took me back to watching them on Countdown and the crush my cousin Helen and I had on Mick Peeling and his long blonde hair. Well it was the 70s!
It was a long long drive to Port Augusta. In fact it made me wonder if we'd taken on more than we could handle. Lots of trucks and cars. Tiring. Arrived 7.30pm. Our cabin in the caravan park was very basic, but came with a variety of fake wood grain surfaces.

DAY 3 Port Augusta to Coober Pedy 
When I woke up and saw the sun shining, all of last night's negativity disappeared. Craig fired up our new Aero Press Coffee Maker. The coffee was not to our usual stove top standard but strong and good.
Some Highlights: Lake Hart with a shore line like a beach - sandy, smooth and flat.
• Red orange soil.
Don't know the name of this outcrop - sorry!
• Seeing emus, a dingo and several wedge tailed eagles in the wild.
Past Woomera and the (still) Prohibited Area - scene of atomic bomb tests. Yeah thanks for that Britain.
• "Miss Atomic Bomb" (The Killers) playing as we sped through the dessert overtaking road trains and grey nomads.
• The underground art gallery at Coober Pedy and the chatty proprietor, an ex-Melburnian.
Wedge Tail Eagle on the side of the road

Beautiful downtown Coober Pedy
Outback South Australia


  1. Now that's a cool looking journey but I'm thinking hot!

    1. Surprisingly not hot. Average temp at Uluru this time of the year is 20C, but it was even cooler than that!

  2. Wow..what an adventure! Thanks 4 sharing.