25 June 2013

Kata Tjuta - walking and eating options

Ant nest
Headed off to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) after breakfast. We got to the look out at about the same time as a group of four bikers.  I took a group photo of them with Kata Tjuta in the background and then one of them took a photo of us.
Kata Tjuta is very impressive. Larger in area than Uluru but made up of more individual rocks. In the local language the name means "many heads". We first did the Walpa Gorge Walk (2.6 km return). Amazing! Such sheer cliff faces of red rock, with small areas of vegetation here and there.
Lunch back in the rest area near the car park, on a long bench. Tinned okra (how very Greek) in rolls, avo and lettuce (sick to death of canned tuna!). Nice. A biggish tour group were at the other end of the table. Their South African guide was giving everyone tasks: wash the lettuce, slice the tomato, etc. So glad not to be travelling like that.
Decided to do another walk after lunch, much to Ali's disappointment. She wanted to go back to our room and watch a DVD. Did the Valley of the Winds Walk (2.2 km return). I felt like we'd done a fair bit of walking, but this would prove to be a mere stroll in comparison to walking Kings Canyon in a few days time.
A shower and a rest back at the hotel before trying Pioneer Kitchen - a cheaper dinner option. It was nearer the cheaper accommodation and camping ground. Quite a different demographic from our hotel restaurant: more families (with multiple children and more blue collar). Saw "our friends the bikers" (Ali), also a family of very tall people, mum, dad and four kids. The teenage daughter stooped as she walked.
My fish and chips were OK but Ali's pizza was virtually inedible. I've never seen her eat only one slice of pizza - ever! There was a Cook Your Own Meat BBQ and a pub style bar. Loud music played in the background. It had a lot of atmosphere, but we decided to go see the dining options at Sails in the Dessert, the upmarket part of the resort. Totally different - as expected. Checked out the dining options and decided to go back there for dinner tomorrow. Ali happily hooked up to the free WiFi in the lobby. You have to pay for it where we're staying, at the Dessert Gardens Hotel. Craig and I sat in the comfortable arm chairs and read the papers. No "Age" but nice to read "The Australian" - daily papers come in at 5.30 pm here.

Cold outside, but it was just a short walk back to our room. "Once Upon a Time" was on telly. Ali was very excited as this is her favourite show.
Uluru through the rear window

Kata Tjuta up ahead

Pioneer Kitchen BBQ

My meal from the night before at Arnguli Grill (Dessert Gardens Hotel)


  1. Where's the picture of the bikers?

    1. That picture was taken for them with their camera, Fran. I didn't ask for a copy :-)