01 May 2013

In Sickness and in Health

It's my wedding anniversary today and my husband has taken the day off work. If you're imagining a romantic lunch with a glass or two of champagne, picture this instead: me at work on the computer, him on the couch with a plastic bucket by his side. Yesterday Craig was diagnosed with shingles, a painful condition caused by the same virus as chicken pox. He is nauseated, headachy and grumpy. Worst of all (perhaps), his being unwell actually reminds me of our wedding day, which ended with an emergency call to a doctor.
Fourteen years ago we were married in the Old Mint Building, which housed the Melbourne Marriage Registry. Funnily enough that historic building is now the Hellenic Museum. There was not a lot Hellenic about it at the time, and my Greek relatives and friends of my parents were feeling decidedly out of place. I don't think any of them had been to a wedding (of one of their own) that wasn't blessed by the Greek Orthodox Church. I could read it in their puzzled faces: were we really married?
We had the reception in the Block Arcade, one of the most beautiful buildings in town. We danced to Greek music in a circle under the dome, we ate cake and celebrated with almost all our closest friends and relatives. A musician friend of Craig's (who had been playing the night we met at TheContinental) put together a band of musicians, who played Irish music that wasn't dissimilar to some Greek folk music. It was a great night.
A friend with a lovely old car drove us around all day and dropped us off, after the reception, at a small B&B in East Melbourne. It was in a gorgeous tree-lined street. Almost straight away, Craig said he wasn't feeling well. In bed he shivered, curled up into a ball. I called the reception desk, feeling bad to be waking someone up in the middle of the night, but worried about my (new) husband. A doctor was called, an injection was given and the next day a honeymoon was postponed.
Just the day before we had sworn that we would stick together through good and bad times and in sickness and in health. To that point there'd been about 80% sickness. Since then however we have had, by far, mostly good times. We have been blessed by a wonderful daughter, we have bought a home together, we have travelled the world, shared Christmases and Easters and Birthdays, and been there 100% for one another.
Today I slice up an apple for him to eat, I make a cup of tea and disinfect the toilet. Happy anniversary Craig. I love you to bits!!!

Photo taken by my very talented sister, Christina.


  1. I do love this pic even if I say so myself!

    1. A nice comment on the photo on FB too. x

    2. The photo is great... Looks like it's out of a glamorous classic film.

    3. Gotta love B/W and Sepia!

      Also, little sis is a very good photographer!

  2. Happy Anniversary and I'm delighted with the story.

  3. I hate that I have been so busy and missing all this great stuff! I LOVE that picture of you guys. SO adorable! I hope that Craig is feeling better by now! I know that shingles can be quite persistent. I wish the two of you many happy years to come (one of which...or more...will bring you here...but that's mostly me being selfish!)

    Now, let's see if my husband REMEMBERS our anniversary this year...15 years!

  4. Glad to say that Craig is feeling much better. I think he got off fairly lightly, considering.

    You know I'd love to come over and visit - what a blast it would be! You never know..

    Oh, and I hope your husband remembers your anniversary. 15 years - well done!!

  5. Poor Craig - shingles is HORRID. I had it last year and although I got off fairly lightly - many people have far worse pain than I did - I felt jet lagged for literally months. Tell him to take it easy and not overdo it - it really really takes it out of you. (Love the photo BTW!)