24 May 2013

40 years old and childless

24 May 2000
40 years old
Work is less than inspiring, but easy. I bought yummy biscuits from Brunetti for morning tea – kind of for my birthday – the celebration continues. Lunch time I went to yoga, which I enjoy. In the afternoon a few things got done, but I lose all momentum as the day continues.
At least I should push myself in other areas – finish my kid’s story, rewrite my novel, continue with short stories or the script. It’s difficult. Tonight Craig is at the cricket club AGM and I wanted to do the VAS reunion flyer, but I can’t get online to download the file. Plus it’s cold in the study. I did however call back Deb L. Hadn’t spoken to her since our wedding a year ago. She asked if Craig and I were going to have children and I said we’re coming to grips with the decision and would if we could – I’m suddenly out of time.

So here I am with Ali, one year later. Interestingly, in this diary entry, I'm thinking about writing. Having a child showed me how quickly life can move along, and taught me to focus on what is important.