13 April 2013

Woody and Me

I have been to a lot of great gigs in my time. But (perhaps surprisingly) one of my most memorable gigs was seeing a Dixieland jazz band. Then again, I was in New York, and the guy playing clarinet was Woody Allen.
It was the 13th of April 1998, 15 years ago today. I had booked a table for two, months earlier, at The Carlyle Hotel. When he walked into the room with his instrument case, looking exactly as he did in his films, I was beyond excited. I wanted to stand up and scream.
I ordered a martini (it seemed the right sort of thing to drink at such a swanky place) and later dessert: my favourite: crème brulee. It was totally divine.
Woody Allen was playing on stage, the room was dark, the gin had gone to my head, and I began to cry. It was all just too too perfect - you know, especially with the crème brulee and all. A divine moment I shall never forget.
Later, between sets, Woody walked right past us. When he stopped to talk to someone I made my way past him, towards the Ladies. And ever so casually, I put my hand gently on his back, as you might do to any person, going through a crowded room. Yes, that's right - I touched him!!!!


  1. My partner's father saw Woody in New York also. Sent me the photo of him playing his famous clarinet. I think i would have reacted exactly like you did.You lucky thing:) Kerry

    1. I wish we'd taken some photos. At the time I thought it would be rude/disruptive, and wouldn't let Craig take any.

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    1. Ooo, never thought of it that way :-)