18 April 2013

What a week it's been!

Tuesday evening, just getting dinner on, Gordon (my publisher) calls.
Gordon: "Have you heard the news?"
Me: "What news?"
Gordon: "You've been shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Literary Awards."
This is a dream come true. I am thrilled to bits and haven't stopped smiling since that phone call!
Here's an excerpt from the judges' comments:
The well-written title story, 'All Windows Open', provides wonderful insights into experiences shared by many children of migrants — the uncertainties, expectations, disappointments and desires. Beyond this, it captures the clash of cultures between migrants and established residents, who share in everyday ‘multiculturalisms’ and everyday ‘racisms’. The following stories expand on the central themes, inviting the reader to understand new worlds. The result is an enjoyable, humorous and insightful book.
I love those last three adjectives: enjoyable, humorous, insightful. Wow!
The awards have several categories. My book is shortlisted for the Community Relations Commission for a multicultural NSW Award. Winners are announced May 19 (two days before my birthday). Although the prize money is very generous ($20,000), the really exciting part is the hope that more people might read my book.
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Lots of love, thanks and appreciation to everyone who has bought or read my book!!


  1. Wow!! congratulations Hariklia, Im so pleased for you, your book definitely deserves to be shortlisted! (and to win ;)) Just read your piece "everything old is new again" on the Reading's site they posted it on their Facebook page. I also remember dancing around to the "The Chain" Andrea x

  2. What a wonderful birthday present that would make!!! And how awesome to just be nominated...I mean for real. I know people always say its an honor, but it really, really is!! I can't wait to hear the results!!