25 April 2013

A Week of Gigs in London

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Friday 25 April 1986
25 years old
Living in London
Headed to the Albert Hall with Noreen, Kerry and Paul. Stopped in a nearby pub for a few drinks before hand...Saw the very last song of Shriekback. Then The Waterboys, they were really good. Then — The Cure. Enjoyed the show, nice seeing Simon again and especially Porl and Robert, but also sad knowing I can't chat to them afterwards. The crowd was great and they played for a lot longer than Lloyd Cole did the other night. For one of the encores they did Boys Don't Cry, my eyes started to water. It's such a special song for me and Chris, and I wished with all my heart that she could have been there. My first Cure gig w/o her, and my first w/o chatting to Robert afterwards.
Said good-bye to Noreen and Kerry and Paul and waited at the bus stop. Impulsively I left for the stage door. I hadn't even tried to see them, so I waited. Met a girl and chatted. She'd met them at the sound check. Why didn't I think of that? I'm sick of hanging about for people; when Andrea said she was leaving I thought, I should too or I might stay all night. Lift to Trafalgar Square with her mum. Night bus home.

What an amazing week of gigs! Kerry and I also went to the Tuesday show. My friend M will scream at me and say, why didn't you see Bunnymen!!! I had only been in London for two months, I had no job yet and my money was running out! Wish I had though.

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