09 April 2013

1987 London Gigs

Some amazing gigs in 1987 in London. Highlights include discovering local (SE London) heroes The Band of Holy Joy who lived nearby. Both shows were at The Albany Empire in Deptford, a fantastic venue, where we also went clubbing and dancing at A Million Rubber Bands.
Also the year I first saw Steve Earle, who has since become one of my favourite singer songwriters.
And although I have very little recollection of it, it seems I also saw The Triffids.
No gigs in all of July and August?!! Must have been too bloody cold to go out!


  1. Nah if that waning the UK then you may have been sitting in sunny Hyde Park in a deck chair :) you also saw the mighty lemon drops a few times - who were they!! Also didn't know you danced...the shamen tooo!

    1. Duh!! Of course, that was summer! The Mighty Lemon Drops were really good, sort of 60s-ish pop.

      Yes I do dance, sometimes, especially if I've been drinking! It was the BEST dance music, they played all the sorts of bands I liked. I remember The Cult, The Cure and others.