07 April 2013

1985 Gigs: Meeting John Lydon, New Order & more

God knows what has become of 1984, I can't find it, so today we are moving right along to 1985; which is dominated by two Aussie bands: The Church and The Wreckery. 
We also have PiL and New Order. All three PiL gigs were in Sydney, and were preceded by a run of Melbourne gigs. Thanks to our befriending Jebin (keyboards) and Mark (guitar), we got to meet John Lydon and even go to sound checks and ride in the band van.
The INXS gig in September was the one I did the design for all the posters and T shirts. 
If you're interested in a particular band or gig, just click on their label and you can read my diary entires from that time.
Any of your favourites here?


  1. How did you like Crime and the City Solution? I like some of their music a lot.

    1. You have heard of everyone Mr Pink! I liked them but never bought any of their records. I think they appear again in 1986, when I saw them in London.

    2. I think I first read about them in a magazine called B-Side, and bought a used tape at some point. They had a song I like on the soundtrack to "Until the End of the World" too, though that was after Rowland S. Howard left the group.