09 March 2013

The Church

Another lazy reblog.
9 March 1984
23 years old
Went to The Church in the evening with Sue G. First went and saw one set of Huxton Creepers, good. Chatted to Paul a bit. Arrived at the Armadale whilst The Church were playing! $7 for half a set. Stood on chairs at the back. They were wonderful! Must get there early tomorrow, they’re so FAB.
Afterwards went backstage. Spoke to Marty for the first time in ages ­– months. He was as darling as ever. Lucy was there too. Gave Marty the Kansai hankie I brought along for him. And told him I’d just been to Japan. He was so interested, he asked me to tell him all about it. I raved on, he sat down and we just talked.
Later as I was saying my good-byes, Marty asked when I’d be coming to see them again. I said I’d like to see them every night, but I didn’t know. He said he’d put me on the guest list for every night then! I said ‘really?’ He said ‘for you H, for you – anything!’ I went closer and kissed him on the cheek. I was beaming with happiness! I was so rapt. He said ‘Plus one?’ I said ‘If you can.’ He said ‘No problem, H plus one.’ I thanked him, said bye and left. I was on cloud 9 going home. Went to bed still smiling.

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