16 March 2013

A Series of Fortunate Events

16 March 1980
20 years old

Following a sequence of events that only becomes apparent in retrospect, this day, 33 years ago changed my life.
Two days earlier Christina, her friend Helen and I had gone to see The Police, live at Festival Hall; a fantastic concert that left us crazed for the band and their music. The day after the concert we went to Gordon Street Elsternwick for the taping of Countdown, where The Police played (mimed) two songs, and the day after that, the 16th we followed them to Armstrong Studios in South Melbourne, where they were spending the day doing some recording. It was out the front of the studio entrance that C and I met some other girls who were as obsessive as ourselves about the band. One of them was to become a life long friend – who, 14 years after this day, introduced me to my future husband.
Would Craig and I have met anyway? We did meet at a music venue, after all, at the sort of place I was frequently to be found anyway. But he, by and large, went to blues gigs; and I didn’t. Whatever! Today, I want to say: Hooray for The Police, hooray for obsessive stalking behaviour and hip, hip, hooray for Lee.


  1. What a great time we had! I was so young, I think it changed me in so many ways also but maybe different to yours?

    1. An influential time for both of us - in different ways, as you said, but in some ways, the same.

  2. That is cool. Goes to show how we can't often predict what will come of small decisions!