06 March 2013

13 Things About Me

1. I hate the smell of cantelope and celery.
2. I have an appendix but do not have tonsils. 
3. I can’t donate blood because I lived in England during the ‘foot and mouth’ scare of the 80s.
4. I have not worn a watch since grade six when I was bell monitor at school.
5. I have a gift for finding clocks in public places.
6. I have worked mostly as a graphic designer but I also studied sociology and zoology at university.
7. No one makes me laugh as much as my husband.
8. I consider people who I’ve known for less than 10 years as ‘new’ friends.
9. My favourite book is Anna Karenina, closely followed by The Little Prince.
10. I have a collection of chicken things: crockery, statues, pictures.
11. I have not eaten chicken since 1987.
12. When I hang out washing, I always use the same colour pegs on each item.
13. I have never had a broken bone or a blood nose, and I am not allergic to anything (that I know of).

Tell me something interesting about you!


  1. Having a Coke actually calms me down.
    I secretly hate shopping.
    I love sparkly things.
    My short term memory is shot, but I can remember things in great detail that happened many years ago.
    I was in Guys and Dolls.

    That's all I can think of at the moment..HOW FUN!!!

    1. You know...we never did that interview thing like Ray and Fran did last summer...

    2. Let's do it soon! Might help me get back into my blog. I drafted some questions a while back. I will email them to you.

  2. hmmm ... random comments below.

    I can't smell (seriously) but do cantaloupe and celery really have an odor?

    Interesting that, about foot and mouth and blood. I didn't live in London at the time but visited both London and Dublin during one of the scares ... did it affect my blood?

    I haven't had pig or cow since January 1 and have been overloading on the chicken intake ...

    1. You can't smell?!!! I can't believe I have only found this out now. And yes they do have an odor which I find quite disgusting. I can eat cooked celery but not raw. Cantaloup is worse, I get weirded out just walking past them in the supermarket!

      Good to hear about your not eating pig and cow. I will say nothing about chickens because I don't subscribe to the whole guilt thing.

  3. I am allergic to Eggplant.
    I like rabbits and owls.
    My right foot is a little bit bigger than my left foot.
    I am scared of heights!

    1. A very interesting list. Thanks for joining in!