23 February 2013

Meeting The Clash

Another re-blog. I don't think I had many readers the first time I posted this. Very cool, if I do say so myself!

23 February 1982
21 years old
Went straight from school to Festival Hall, bumped into cute Mark M at Spencer Street Station. Waited out the back for ages, fearedThe Clash wouldn’t turn up; they did and were surprisingly very nice and very obliging. Kirsty and her friends smuggled D, C, E and I in, Ang had a ticket. Lots of people there, it was packed! Paul, Craig, Lyn, Peter, Muz (!), Shane, Lee, Pepa, Claudia, Kerry, Rose, Sue, Maureen, Kathy etc.
Absolutely powerful gig, so energetic 2 1/4 hours of strong music. Mick the lead guitarist is sweet for a toughie, cute (ugly but interesting). Afterwards hung around the back, everyone dedicated enough to stay long enough was let back into the hall, where the four lads with their charming English accents came out and signed autographs and chatted. They were so nice. I’ve never been so surprised. I expected them to be grotty, but they were really sweet.
Got Mick’s autograph again, told him the show was wonderful and that he was too, kissed him on his ever-so-smooth cheek (some guys jeered). Later as we were leaving, C shook his hand, then I did and when he looked up to see whose hand he was shaking and saw me, he gave me the biggest, warmest smile. He looked quite adorable in his big suit. Drove home with C, D and Kirsty, singingRadio Clash in my head. Great Gig!


  1. You were and still are so lucky girl!

  2. Once again, jealous me!! What a great story!

  3. Did you ever see Mick later on with Big Audio Dynamite?

    1. No, I didn't. That would have been good.

    2. He would have remembered you!