11 February 2013


Anyone here on Goodreads? It's a great social networking site for people who read and love books. I recently listed my book All Windows Open as a giveaway there. This means I have offered to give away some copies to people who are interested in reading it and writing a review – a win win situation. The giveaway ends in about seven hours, so rush on over and register, if you haven't done so. Winners are chosen randomly.
I am staggered and thrilled that about 500 people have put their names down: Thank you!!!! Out of those, 173 have marked my book as To Read! Now I know from personal experience that intentions are terrific, but action is another thing altogether, but I'm hoping, what, 2% will follow through?
As a writer I get so excited at the thought of my stories being read and hopefully enjoyed by others. Right now I am beginning a novel – the final frontier – a full length work of fiction. To date the longest thing I have written is my novella (All Windows Open). I am trying to work on my novel every day and get into a good professional habit – rather difficult for an undisciplined (Gemini) person like me – but I'm trying!
Here is the Goodreads link, if anyone would like to take a look. Happy reading! Oh and please feel free to send me a Goodreads friend request, or put yourself down as a "fan". I promise not to let it go to my head!

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