22 February 2013

Another Great Day with Mr Smith

I think this post warrants reblogging. Photo by my talented sister, Christina. Check out her flickr feed here!

22 February 1983
22 years old
C and I met L in the foyer of the Old Melbourne at one. Felt slightly guilty about missing my second day of school [graphic design course], also I have a library fine already! Steve Severin walked past and outside for brunch. Robert came down and we sat at a table near Steve. I had a coffee compliments of Mr Smith, who had one also plus a vanilla milkshake.
We caught a tram to Flinders Street and walked to St Pauls, getting stared at all the way*. We walked around the inside of the church and then to the art gallery. Giggled about this and that. Robert liked Tucker, Perceval and Boyd’s pottery sculptures. I did too. We then went for a tour of the concert hall. Tram to Toorak for an ice-cream then walked down Chapel Street browsing in the shops. It was getting late, got a tram to The Astor. I left for home to get the car, L and C stayed for the sound check. Got back, snuck my camera in, went upstairs. They opened with Israel and they sounded great. We stayed upstairs for a while and I took some pictures then went downstairs and danced up the back. We went further to the front with Cathy and Petrina for their encore Arabian Nights and the second encore Hong Kong Gardens which they never do anymore apparently, but that Robert really wanted to play. Enjoyed the gig a lot. Chatted to C, P, Andrea and others.
Then we (C, L, Mark and I) went to the hotel. I was hassled at the bar and told to leave*. Robert came to my rescue. Siouxie and Budgie in the bar looked great, the business men couldn’t believe their eyes.
Later in the foyer Robert asked if I’d be coming to see him off tomorrow, I said I didn’t know. He carried on about my coping with my increased library fine etc. I said I’d come. It was nice to feel wanted.
Going home I decided to go to school for half my class.

* Stared at, not because he was famous and recognised, but simply because he looked somewhat ‘different’.

* I was always the one who got hassled for being under-aged, when in fact I was older than L and considerably older than C and Mark. Robert told the staff that I was his guest and that I was older than he was (not exactly true).

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