18 January 2013

Shirl, Red, Fred, Bongo & Greg

18 January 1976
15 years old
I went to see SKYHOOKS. It was the best concert they've ever had, it was grouse, fantastic, indescribable. Red was just great, he kept poking his tongue out and that; and I screamed like anything. Shirl danced right through the whole thing and was absolutely ace. Bob looked so cute in his new costume, Freddy was just ace in his cowboy suit and his solo was simply fantastic. Greg was his usual cool self and looked grouse in his grey suit and then his white one.
After the concert we: Me, Belinda, Chris L and Faleen, nicked around the back and found a door with a light and we could hear Shirl behind it. We waited, just the 4 of us and other girls and SHIRLEY came out. He said Shhh and got back in. We said we wouldn't scream, anyway we didn't want and other chicks coming!!! But this Italian lady saw him and called her daughter etc and soon about 20 kids were around.
We then heard the door open and guess what? FREDDIE came out. What a spunk. He was just wearing shorts, nothing on his chest and he's got the spunkiest body I've ever seen, he's so tall and tanned. I touched his arm and said, "Good luck in the States Fred, see ya'" and he said, "Yeah see ya'" to ME, cause I was the only one following him to his blue Volkswagen.
It was such a grouse concert and night, I'm wrapped. We then left. Greg had left by another door and I'm pretty sure Red and Bob were still in there with Shirl. Oh what a night to remember!!!!!!!!


  1. This entry is "ACE" love it to death Hariklia... 15!!! Man my daughter is nearly 13 it's so interesting and scary.

    1. I know what you mean. BTW I've got some 12 and 13 year old entries coming up.

  2. I used this diary entry as a test of my new dictionary app for my Apple device and it passed with flying colors (colours)! Third meaning of the word grouse: "--adjective Australian Slang. 1. excellent; great; wonderful. Origin: 1940-1945; orig. uncert."

    I can only imagine how exciting this concert must have been for you at age 15. The number of grouses helps get it across!

    1. A good word to test it, I would have thought, and impressive outcome!

      Yes I was VERY excited!