24 January 2013

Brandon Flowers (Heart, Heart, Heart)

I posted a picture of Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers, on my Facebook page yesterday; and a friend wrote, "Don't ever change H." At 52 this seems unlikely: I have been falling in and out of love with handsome musical men for half a century. OMG How old do I sound!
To begin with they were all much older than me. In the 60s there was Paul McCartney from The Beatles and Davey Jones from The Monkees. In the 70s Shirley from Skyhooks, then Red and Freddy from the same band. In the 80s we began to hit parity, the rock stars and I: Stephen Cummings, Julian Cope, Jim Kerr, amongst others.
In the 90s I met a wonderful "real" guy and we got married. We had a kid in the 00s and my crazy band days seemed, for a while, to be behind me: and then I heard The Killers.
For me the music always, always comes first. The handsomest man in the world will never make up for mediocre band. But when the music is great and the lead singer is gorgeous...well that's just obsession waiting to happen.
I've written here on my self-absorbed little blog, what The Killers and Brandon mean to me, so I won't harp on again. But I do have to say, that when I met him on Tuesday night he was SO nice, coming out from backstage to meet the fans, and so very handsome up close, and he and the band had put on such an unbelievably fabulous gig, that I can't imagine falling for anyone else, ever again.
I love you Brandon Flowers!!!*

* With true love and apologies to my awesome husband, who understands and tolerates my obsessions, and who took this picture of Brandon smiling at me (see the top of my head in the forefront?)


  1. OK. You know...KNOW...how jealous I am. Still. I think its awesome that you didn't let that part of you go. Why should you? You keep on being you. Forever.

    And one of these days, WE are going to see them. Together. xx

  2. I sort of get it!!!!!! Not bad for a Yank!

    1. He is GORGEOUS!

      M? The exclamation marks gave you away!!! xx