20 January 2013

12 years old

January 1973
12 years old
Ocean Grove
Today I woke up at 6.00 by the alarm clock because we were going camping, but I had to force myself to get up and it was dark. We got ready and just as we were to leave we woke up Conny so he'd get some more sleep. Then we were off.
We went to St Albans. Helen was almost ready, then in 10 minutes they were ready. Helen came in our car and Christine went in there's. We went to Helen's godfather's brother's place. It took ages for them to get ready, when at last they did, were on our way to Queenscliff.
On the way we past places like Lollypop Creek and Geelong and it took ages to get there. When at last we reached there, Helen's father thought it better if we went to Ocean Grove instead, so we did. We found a good spot and all the dad's went to pay the money $150 per night.
Then Helen, me, Christine, Mary and Rena went to the beach, which was just over the sand hill. By the way we reached Ocean Grove at 12.00. I was wearing my white jeans and pink blouse. Then I pulled up the jeans sort of and I ran and played with the waves and got wet and so did everyone else. Then we went back to camp and got growled at a bit and I changed into my orange beach dress.
I didn't get wet again until a big labrador dog came and I went into the water to get rid of it and I got wet, not much but I got wet and Helen was soaked. I was scarred and when I got to camp I got growled at and I started crying but then I explained about the dog and my parents said sorry they growled at me, and I wore my blue hot pants and skivvie.


  1. What can I say.... I laughed and I cried. This is how an articulate 12 year old girl expressed her self in 1973... FASCINATING!

  2. It doesn't seem well written by today's 12 year old standard, but it does capture what I was like!