14 December 2012

The Wreckery

14 December 1985
25 years old
Most of my days are still uneventful, I have things to do, but never really do anything. AM rang about coming to The Wreckery tonight. Cathy H rang about a party but I was in no mood for her, after her suffocating me last Wed. at the party.
I rang Lee, Matt and Cheryl and made plans. In the evening Cheryl picked me up and we drove to David and Tim’s. Met their friends Donna, Joanne and Sally. Had drinks and chatted. I was tipsy on champagne. Then we drove to the corner of Chapel and High streets in Prahran, on top of the Clarke-Maples store, in a kind of warehouse space, the mega-party-gig was on. Cheryl and I shared a small hip flask of scotch. I also shared it with Matt, but I was still pleasantly tipsy.
Had a good time and didn’t cry. So many people there I knew. Ignored the two bands who were on before The Wreckery and just chatted. AM was there with Peter C, Michael and Janine. Also Lee, Kira, Caroline, Rita and Christina. Simon from the library, who I really wanted to talk to, but lost sight of. Mike A, David W, Noreen, Tim, John, Jenny, Marianna, regular Wreckery go-ers. Also Nick Cave and other celebs.
The Wreckery were FAB, although I didn’t enjoy them as much as I did last time, don’t know why. They played ‘Baby play dead’ last, and did a one song encore. Home 3.30-ish.