12 December 2012

The last ever Smiths gig

Today, and possibly until the end of the year, I am reposting old posts. Partly for new readers and partly as a bit of a break. I think this one warrants another look!

12 December 1986
26 years old
Living in London
At the time, we didn't know that it would be the last Smiths gig ever. My friends and I were half way back at the Brixton Academy, and I couldn't see very much, but I sang along and jumped around, and swore that the next time I saw them I would stand at the very front...but there never was a next time.


  1. Sometimes times there is no next time :(

  2. That sucks...sometimes we just don't realize when it is the last time we will see something. How very timely you were with this post (for me anyway!!) this week! xx