24 December 2012


24 December 2012
52 years old
When my daughter Ali talks about Santa these days, she lifts her arms and makes air quotes with her fingers: "Santa". So I figured she was over the pretence and did not buy her any presents "from Santa", although I noticed she had left her Santa Sack by the fireplace.
Yesterday was HOT. Craig and I went to bed late and chatted. I mentioned that our local shopping centre/mall was open all night. What kind of person will be there now, I wondered out loud, at 11.30pm? What kind of person will be there at 6.00 or 7.00am? As it turned out, I was there at 7.00am. Craig couldn't believe we ( I ) hadn't got Ali any presents from Santa. Suddenly I just knew she would be disappointed to find her Santa Sack empty. What the hell had I been thinking?!
So off I dashed this morning. I had to get back before Craig left for work at 8.30am. I didn't eat breakfast, I didn't shower, I got dressed and drove to Chaddy. I told her I had some groceries to buy and I knew she wouldn't want to go there later with me, that it would be crowded and unpleasant. She gave me a hug, "Thanks mum."
Normally I don't believe in presents for presents sake. How much "stuff" does a kid need? I'd rather buy her an experience than a "thing": tickets to a show, horse riding lessons, that sort of thing, but you know what? Her Santa days are coming to an end. Next year she turns 12, the year after she will be a teenager!!! So what the hell. There will be some clothes, some cute bits and pieces, and some useless crap, all inside her Santa Sack, tomorrow morning – for possibly the last time.

I hope everyone out there enjoys the spirit of Christmas tomorrow. I hope you have people you love to share the day with – that's the most important thing of all.
Hariklia xxx


  1. The "Santa Sack" struggle occurred between my mother and I as well. She was afraid to stop. In the last years it became only gag gifts like motorized plastic teeth.

    1. Yes, where to draw the line - a hard call!