05 December 2012

A Wish for Greece Competition

Yesterday I found out that my poster artwork has been selected to be part of the "Wish for Greece" international exhibition!!!
The exhibition will travel to 25 cities around the world! Tokyo, SeĆ³ul, Mumbai, Calcutta, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, London, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Milano, Rome, Madrid, Athens, Thessaloniki and Tel Aviv; from 10 Jan 2013 to 10 Mar 2013,
The aim of this project is to support the image of Modern Greece around the world.
The exhibition culminates in beautiful Santorini in Apr 2013, closing 30 Sept 2013, when a list of winners will be announced. Prizes are several holidays to...you guessed it...Greece! All based on a popular vote.
I'm not sure that I'm allowed to show you my poster, instead I am posting some photos I took on our last trip there, December 2010. Night time pictures: Monastiraki, Athens. Day time pictures: Turkish Bath House, Athens.


  1. Good luck...I hope you win...and I have a good feeling about this, because the competition starts in my birthday!

  2. Very happy this has happened. Some great photos as well. The graffiti storefront with the seemingly more ancient structure above it make for a great contrast.

    1. Thank you, and nice to get a comment on the photos. Yes, Greece is full of contrasts. That's one of the things that makes it so interesting.

  3. That's fantastic! Well done.

  4. Congratulations and best of luck to you!