23 December 2012

A Scots Accent on The Phone

23 December 1981
21 years old
TODAY I DIED AGAIN! Got a call from a Monash careers person to see if I needed assistance finding a job. His accent sounded just like you-know-who's. I thought it might just be me, so I asked and yes, he's from Scotland, Glasgow to be exact. SCREAM! All I could do afterwards was to think about Jim, not that I haven't been doing that anyway.
I got my going away things together and myself as well to the music of SM.
Went to work. Mr (spunk) Marx embarrassed me by telling me he liked my hair the way I had it. Petrina dropped herself and a couple of presents for C and I into work. John and Teresa also visited. 
Peter W picked up Cheryl and I from work. Got home, Thia Soula's family there plus Damien. We opened pressies. Biggest surprise was Damien's, a super card with Jim Kerr in a kilt on the front [hand drawn!] and a Roxy Music LP! and all I got him was a Mr Nosey book.

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