09 November 2012

The Story Changes

Saturday 7 November 1987
I'm too demanding
I'm too sensitive
I'm too pigheaded and self centred
and I'm the biggest dickhead
that walked the f***ing earth
I'm a complete and total weirdo
and I'll NEVER EVER have anyone
Tonight I blew it so bad
I always do
I'll never learn
but it'll be the same until I die.

Sunday 8 November 1987
He's too demanding
He's insensitive, self centred, spoilt
He expects me to hang about and be pretty
be his girlfriend
I deserve respect and consideration
How dare he invite me over
and hardly speak to me
He's immature
and only interested in his drugs
and his mates
and his penis
He can go f*** himself.

Monday 9 November 1987
Dear J,
I think it's quite obvious from last Saturday's events that you and I are totally unsuited to one another. This is just to say – no hard feelings. OK? I certainly bear no ill feelings towards you. In fact I'm very grateful, as you've made me feel a lot better about myself. So if we do happen to bump into each other at the post office or pub or where ever, I hope we can be pleasant to one another.
– Hariklia X


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    1. Thanks Leslie - I did think twice about posting this, but decided it had a lot to say!