18 November 2012

Flying out into the world

Yesterday at my daughter's school market I ran a stall and sold eleven copies of my book; through a local cafe another three have taken flight; and, according to my publisher, about a hundred have skedaddled out of bookshops. My book is slowly making its way out into the world, like a child growing up and leaving home.
Meanwhile, my next book – a novel this time, is developing, growing slowly – like an unborn child. Is that why I went to sleep with sore legs, like I did when I was pregnant? I know, I know, it was just from standing half the day, running the market stall!
Anyway, if you would like a copy of All Windows Open, you could do a lot worse that pledge some money to my Pozible Project. Make a pledge to help me with publicity costs and get a book, delivered directly to you, anywhere in the world. Plus you get good karma and my eternal thanks. If you already have a copy, firstly – thanks! Nextly – tell a friend or two about my Pozible campaign, or pledge and get a book to give as a gift. Only 36 days until Christmas!

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