29 November 2012

But Wait! There's MORE!

25 days until Christmas, and 5 days until my Pozible Project concludes. What is the connection? 
Easy, convenient and pain free Christmas shopping!!! Pledge $20 and get a book for yourself or to give away. You won't get a better present for the money AND this price includes FREE delivery to your door!
Not sure you'll like it? Read one of the stories here right now. And listen to what others who have bought the book have to say:

"I was gripped from start to finish." - Hill

"Loved it. Some great characters beautifully written." - Lucie

"I loved it, absolutely loved it. I felt completely immersed and believed every word." - Jean

"Loved your book, especially the last short story. Great reading!! Well done. The novella should be made into a film, it is so visual." - Jono

"Couldn't put it down...it's such a great story, so well written and the story line so engaging." - Miriam

"Just want more...great reading!!! Just finished Chrissie and George story...need another book about Mrs Mavros in Greece." - Trinh

"It is easy to empathise with the characters and themes, they are not culturally exclusive but appeal to all readers who enjoy the agony and ecstasy of life, love and relationships. A thoroughly enjoyable read from Chrissie to Cinnamon." - MKC

"Sweet stories that readers will relate to whether Greek, Aussie, English or ever fancied a guy. Ideal for holidays or travelling to work." - Noreen

Still not convinced? Pledge $35 and you'll get a second book FREE – well not exactly free, but for a reduced price! ($55 outside of Australia)

Sorry no steak knife sets available.

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