07 November 2012

27 days to go

A little over a week ago I signed up to Pozible, to see if I could get some crowd funding to pay for book publicity. My reasons for doing so are all on my project page.
I sent Facebook messages and emails out to my friends. I said I didn't want their money (although a few did pledged financial support) -  most of them had come along to the launch and had already bought my book. What I really wanted was for them to let their friends know about it. I was after a ripple effect. It didn't seem that big an ask.
Pozible funding is not charity. It's a chance to be involved in a creative project. I have personally put money toward helping a band (Sky Parade) produce their next CD, and helping a friend's son get to India to participate in an international camp to foster multicultural friendship. The minimum pledge is one dollar. And there are incentives. I'm getting a CD from Sky Parade and some cool gift tags from Hunter's mum, Mel. I'm giving away signed copies of my book.
I know we are all busy, I know there are more important things happening in people's lives, but out of over 200 Facebook friends, only 4 people made any mention of my project. ONE of these 4 sent out an email to her contacts. Thank you Andrea.
In 27 days my project expires. If I don't reach my goal, none of the pledges will be processed. No money, no publicity, no book sales. 

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