06 October 2012

Why do I Love You?

6 October 1983
23 years old
Took the day off work, but didn't really do much. Watched AW* of course. Blaine and Sandy are attracted to one another despite Sandy's being married to Cecily. Blaine – my favourite character, brunette and nice. The situation reminded me of Norm's and mine and Melissa's triangle, though most of it may be in my head. And Melissa isn't a bitch like Cecily.
Did 'some' work. C came home from school, we had lunch, then tea; then got ready, when mum got home we left for the EB op shop. I bought 2 jumpers. Then to Bentleigh op shop. I got 2 books. Bumped into Denise and Bernard, they're getting married! Shock – Gasp! Then to Chaddy, bought the WHAM album and The Monkees double LP Greatest Hits. FAB. Then to ED, where Peter cut C's hair and mine.
Thought of Norm spasmodically all day, but I didn't indulge too much. Tried to think of the bad/guilt; so one day I'll just think of him as a chum. If only I'd met him before Melissa. 'Why do I love you' Monkees is on. Sigh!

* "Another World" - my favourite soap opera, at the time.

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