26 October 2012

WANTED: Art Patrons

Have you ever wanted to get more involved in the arts? Help out a struggling artist, musician, writer? It's easy to do these days through Pozible: Crowdfunding Creative Projects and Ideas.
This week I listed a project of my own, on there. I'm looking for some funding pledges to help publicize my book. You can read all about it here.
Have you thought about buying my book, but haven't got around to it? By pledging $20 to my project, as a reward, you get a signed first edition - not bad! $30 for anyone outside of Australia. If money is no object I'm also offering to name a peripheral character in my next book after you. And I promise nothing bad will happen to that character!
Minimum pledge is one measly dollar – Guaranteed good karma, and you will also be on my favourite persons list.
If you don't want to pledge, don't read or already have my book, you can help out by spreading the word and directing friends, neighbours and rich relatives to my Pozible Project.

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