03 October 2012

Op Shopping Treasures

Ali and I went op shopping yesterday with my friend Sarah and her daughter. There was a time when I went browsing in opportunity (charity) shops quite regularly, but it's a habit I have fallen out of. Yesterday I was reminded of just what fun it is to discover old treasures, at little cost.
Two of my favourite things in the world are books and crockery. Take a look at this beautiful, lavender coloured sugar and creamer set! Made in England, Royal Stafford China ($15); and the autumnal patterned little dish, also English ($4). The book I found is a single volume "Modern Encyclopaedia for Children" from 1949 ($5). I just adore the simple black and white illustrations and the typographic treatment of each opening letter.
What's been your best second hand find?


  1. I picked up a 1957 45 single by Eddie Cochran at a boot fair a couple of years ago for 50p, I nearly fell over when they said 50p, its worth a hell of a lot more than that!

    1. Brilliant! What a find for 50p!

    2. I guess my unimpressive looking used car might qualify since it's given me relatively little trouble since buying it in the '90s. About time to retire it probably, but it's still doing the job for now.