05 October 2012

Mr Wonderful

5 October 1983
23 years old
Nervous and excited all day about meeting Norm at noon. Did a bit of spotting on my bromides, chatted to Robert over the light box. Got a flower and note from Lou and I gave him some flowers too. Damian remembered Annemarie but she forgot. Nice having flowers around and Lou's note is a scream.
Saw Marie in the loo, both teased our hair up, such a windy day. Met Norm in the pizza shop, as usual. He looked – loverly. Clean shaven, bespectacled as I like him, black mohair jumper – really nice. And with a bump on his head which he got from bashing into a pole, wham! as he was daydreaming (of me?). We chatted and drank coffee...at the car I gave him the series of pictures of him, he loved them. He said he had to kiss me for the photos. We hugged each other and I kissed him on the cheek. I don't know where he would have kissed me. He told me I was wonderful...Before lunch I was nervous and thought I was tempting fate, knowing I liked him but really hoping nothing would happen, due to Melissa. Then after lunch I was disappointed, yet felt guitly I felt that way. I really really really really really like him A LOT and if not for Melissa I could have found Mr Wonderful at last, but not so: just my luck.


  1. I loved the "(of me?)" after "daydreaming." Or should I say I really really really really really loved it?!

    What a dramatic note (with a sense of humor if the person who wrote that was referring to the tear in the paper as well)!

    1. Yes the 'tear' was the paper too. We used to joke about the 'tear' motif, very of it's time (mid 80s) as a graphic device. Lou and I were studying graphic design together. I used the 'tear' in my INXS design a couple of years later too!

      I made sure to count the number of 'reallys' and accurately quote my diary!

    2. I used also used the tear in my very first graphic design gig in high school! Had seen it in a sophisticated publication.

    3. We should put together a tear design book! So what year was that?