11 October 2012

Kicking Goals!

What a week it's been!
Monday: My publisher says I have sold 80 copies of my book through local bookshops - not bad for zero publicity.
Tuesday: Received an email from my old high school - they would like me to come and speak to the girls about my book.
Wednesday: A friend's Book Group have decided the next book they will all read and discuss is mine - thank you Jessica!
Thursday (today): Melanie*, from a popular and cool local cafe [JAM cafe 486 Neerim Road, Murrumbeena, Victoria] bought a copy of my book and asked me if I'd like to bring in some copies to display and sell. * Something good about people with this name.

Where can you buy it? Ask for it at your local bookshop, or try Amazon, Book Depository, Readings. If all else fails -- email me! Hariklia.H@gmail.com


  1. Good news girl, hopefully more to come!

  2. Awwww...you're so sweet. I need that! Thanks for being you!!xx