02 October 2012

Am I a Twit?

I recently signed up to Twitter but I haven't the slightest clue as to what I'm doing. 
Everyone's on Facebook (except my husband), and there are loads of people blogging, here via Blogger, or WordPress or Tumblr. Did I mention I also have a Tumblr page? Then there's Pinterest (as far as I can tell) for women addicted to social media but too old for Tumblr – less rock and roll, more home furnishings. I'm there too, don't ask me why. What else? Linkedin, Goodreads, Flickr – stop me if you've heard this one before (to quote The Smiths).
Every now and again I feel to urge to drop out from all these platforms, and commit social media suicide. I have enough distraction in my life taking me away from my writing, reading, parenting and partnering – the important things in my life. And yet...
Ten years ago, beyond a card with a little news at Christmas time, and the odd email, I had no idea what my friends in London or cousins in Greece were up to. Now I know when they have gone somewhere interesting, what they're reading, and I see pictures of them and their friends. I've "reconnected" with old flatmates, people I worked with, friends of friends that I always liked and wished were my friends – and I've made new friends: mostly superficial friendships, but several that are absolutely genuine. And if I'm not in the mood, I need not log in.
A part of me is "here" to promote my writing – that's what I tell myself; but I think we're all here simply to connect, in any way we can. It's not the same as a hug or a laugh over coffee, but it can be fun. 
How many social media accounts do you have? Please leave a comment!!!

Piniterest: for women addicted to social media but too old for Tumblr – less rock and roll, more home furnishings. Hey that's quite funny. I think I'll Tweet it!


  1. Well said Sis!

    I am a bit the same, I have a Facebook, Tumblr, flickr and now Instagram. A friend commented yesterday that she went on my holiday with me, as I had a range of family and scenic snaps on Instargram.

  2. Oh I forgot...LinkedIn, Goodreads and BranchOut. Cxx


    1. BranchOut - now there's a new one - for me.

  3. I'm torn too - can waste huge amounts of time on FB (well, here i am for instance!) but I really do enjoy chatting and looking at photos, and liking, and being nosy - and just having contact with all sorts of people who I rarely see, but not because I don't want to! I am thrilled to have reconnected with so many people that I'd lost touch with but never forgot - always wondered how they were. And sometimes the mix of people commenting is quite staggering - people from all parts of my life happily discussing the correct term for an iced bun! FB is a great medium for promoting enterprises of course (and I am about to ask you all to help with our latest crazy idea). Twitter - well, yes I have an account with 30 people following (most of whom I don't know so can only assume they think I am someone else!). Journalists seem to use it - I was approached by someone within a few minutes of moaning about the M4 and interviewed for the Standard. But generally there are so many tweets pouring through that I have no idea how people filter the ones that interest them. Linkedin? No clue what the purpose is - I only ever get approached by design students who I don't mind linking with, but can't offer anything else much. Has anyone found a use for Linkedin?

  4. No, no, you are by no means a twit. I have a love/hate relationship with the social media. And you know where to find me!