27 September 2012

Simple Minds, Sad Lovers and Giants, and other 80s Bands

27 September 1982
22 years old
First Simple Minds concert in Australia on tonight in Perth. They're in the country. I feel the vibes and it's terribly exciting.
Met everyone at school, they boarded the bus, but me and a couple of others went in Rosemary's car to Swinburne for the Graphics tour. Raved with David about SM. Home for lunch and enough time to do some Graphics. Letter from Garcon/Garce, singer of Sad Lovers and Giants. He sent me a really groovy badge too, wow! rapt. Went to work. Home. Listened to SLAG, Models and SM. Rang Robyn, her mum can work for me on Thursday, FAB! C rang Kirsty and Clem concerning SM tickets. I rang Lee, then Cheryl and had 2 long chats. Watched Nightmoves which included SM. 


  1. What a great memory...can you still feel the vibes when you think about it?

    And sorry I have been so terribly absent lately...its making me sad!

    OH..we need to get to that little project you suggested too!!

    1. The vibes have faded, I'm sorry to say. But I can feel them a bit when I reread my diary.

      I understand about your absenteeism! Do not worry. And yes, the project, I'd forgotten. Let's do it when you're feeling better. I will think of some questions and email you. Thanks for reminding me!

    2. Looking forward to it...I am hoping to rid my lungs of the plague by next week! Fingers crossed! At least my throat being scratchy makes my voice sound all sexy. (I'm really just reaching and want to feel better SOOOOO bad!!)