24 September 2012

School Holidays

Throughout my childhood, teens and beyond, my dad worked the afternoon shift in a car factory. This meant he left the house at around 3pm and returned after midnight. Both our parents worked to make ends meet and without any help from family, who were all in Greece, they tag teamed to bring us up: Dad during the day, Mum in the evenings. So we didn't see much of our father during the week, except during school holidays when we spent the whole day with him. It always seemed such a treat to have this time together.
When my sister and I were at primary school and we lived in Thornbury, one of our school holiday rituals was to take the tram into the city to see a film. We always stopped into Darrell Lea on the way, and almost always bought a small glass bottle of hard rock sweets. Dad took us to see every Disney film, as well as a few classics. I distinctly remember seeing The Wizard of Oz at the cinema – It's still one of my favourite films. 
When we got home after these outings he would make his sandwiches, hug and kiss us good-bye and go to work. We were then left alone for a short time until mum got home. Dad said that most of the men he worked with grumbled about the school holidays, but he always looked forward to them. As I've said before, my dad was the best dad ever. 


  1. That is quite a lovely story and obviously some memories.

  2. Your Dad is a complete softy and I know how much he would have treasured that time with you kids - just as he enjoys his grand children now!!! He is a really lovely Dad :)

  3. Those are good memories, even if they were the result of hardship. It must have been hard on your parents as a couple as well to see so little of each other due to that schedule. Hope they have been able to enjoy easier times since.

    1. Of course we never thought about their relationship, growing up! They have done quite well since those times I'm glad to say. Dad retired early, and mum stopped working a very long time ago; and they have been back to Greece to visit several times.