13 September 2012

People Who Need People

13 September 1983
23 years old
...Back to school for art history. But before that went to the caf. Got approached by someone to vote for student union elections. I recognised the guy as a person who was at Macy's when I first saw Scant Regarde. I asked him about it and he said he was there and that he saw the at the Prince of Wales too! I said that was good enough for me and that I'd vote for him...In photography Palli and Alan gave us our new (last) assignment – colour. Could be good.
At home...feeling a little weighted down with things at the moment. New jobs, lots to do, no one wonderful to adore me for what/who I am. It's kind of discouraging. I've tried to deny it and hate to admit it, but people really do need people. I know I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful adoring loving family, but a person needs more – someone special, who loves you, not because you're related but just for being you, an individual despite faults etc. It's encouraging to have someone like that. Comforting. Fun. And I haven't got one!
Listened to Scant Regarde, but mostly to Magazine – genius! Read some of my Summer in Paris book.

A couple of my old photos taken at Luna Park and cross processed.


  1. Love the pictures, and I know that feeling and don't miss feeling that way at all. It's nice to be settled down sometimes!!